BJ's Growth Center, LLC

"Your Child's Growth is Our Business"

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for being a great Daycare Provider!!!! My kid started PreK and the teachers already said Logan's doing wonderful and he knows everything that they are teaching in class. The teacher has to find new work for him to do since he's well advanced for PreK. THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK YOU PUT IN WITH THE KIDS AT THE DAYCARE!!!!
                                                - Melinda R. 

My children are doing so much better now they are here. They really enjoy the field trips and activities. I often get many art pieces and hear stories of how much fun they had at daycare. This is a great place for my children to grow. 


                                                                      - Sandy T. 

In August 2015, my kids previous daycare owners of 30 years closed their doors. I thought I would never find a daycare with an owner who was passionate about my kids well being until I came across Nicole. She loves children and is passionate about her daycare. I have no worries about my kids when they are with her. Nicole goes above and beyond to help in any way she can. I'm truly blessed to have found BJ's Growth Center.


                                                                                  - Gabby J. 

My boys are in a safe environment. They play and do activities that are both educational and fun. The small class size is a plus. The boys love the projects and games that they do.
                                                                   -Stephanie H.