BJ's Growth Center, LLC

"Your Child's Growth is Our Business"

The Activities List changes accordingly with the needs of the age group(s) within the home. The Activities List will be revised to fit the learning abilities of the group or when a new child is enrolled.

BJ's Growth Center has daily lesson plans for each activity except free play. During free play, children are allowed to independently choose which learning center to participate in. Outside free play will have some structure, but mostly independent choice.

The goal of the Activities List is to get children structured and on a routine. This will allow them to ease into Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom settings. During the summer session, numerous field trips will take the place of daily lesson planning. For example, my 4 year olds participated in two Kindergarten Ready programs at two different libraries this Spring. They love it! I am still asked if Wednesday is library day. 

Each lesson plan hits one or more of the 4 Domains of Early Childhood Development:

  • Coginitive
  • Language
  • Physcial
  • Social/Emotional

"Your Child's Growth is Our Business" - Let it Begin Here!